Gerard Manley Hopkins | Spelt by Sibyl's Leaves

       Earnest, earthless, equal, attuneable, ' vaulty, voluminous, . . .stupendous       

       Evening strains to be time’s vást, ' womb-of-all, home-of-all, hearse-of-all night.       

       Her fond yellow hornlight wound to the west, ' her wild hollow hoarlight hung to the height       

       Waste; her earliest stars, earl-stars, ' stárs principal, overbend us,       

       Fíre-féaturing heaven. For earth ' her being as unbound, her dapple is at an end, as-       

       tray or aswarm, all throughther, in throngs; ' self ín self steepèd and páshed quite       

       Disremembering, dísmémbering, ' áll now. Heart, you round me right       

       With: Óur évening is over us; óur night ' whélms, whélms, ánd will end us.       

       Only the beak-leaved boughs dragonish ' damask the tool-smooth bleak light; black,       

       Ever so black on it. Óur tale, O óur oracle! ' Lét life, wáned, ah lét life wind       

       Off hér once skéined stained véined vaety ' upon áll on twó spools; párt, pen, páck       

       Now her áll in twó flocks, twó folds – black, white; ' right, wrong; reckon but, reck but, mind       

       But thése two; wáre of a wórld where bút these ' twó tell, each off the óther; of a rack       

       Where, selfwrung, selfstrung, sheathe- and shelterless, ' thóughts agaínst thoughts ín groans grínd.